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Stewart Howe provides a wide variety of alumni/member relations services to Greek organizations, honor societies, and other affiliation and membership groups. As a leader in the affiliation group management industry, we help ensure the longevity and strength of our client organizations by providing exceptional integrated membership services.

Because our client volunteers are busy people, we take care of the behind-the-scenes details--from changing addresses to applying for non-profit rate authorizations with USPS to branding and messaging. And we do it all with decades of experience--and a staff that has the knowledge our clients need.

You’ll get customized, personalized service every time you contact us—because we all work better and smarter that way. We work closely with our clients, giving them lots of chances to ask questions and offer input. In addition, we can provide you with high-quality, award-winning communications, including everything from newsletters and directories to websites and mass emails.

We work to ensure the longevity and strength of our client organizations by providing the infrastructure and resources necessary to program, publish, and deliver strong alumni communications.

More experience. More service. More options. Let us know how we can help you.

Our mission:   Our vision:   Our values:
We support the passion of volunteer client leaders for their organizations’ missions, providing the critical resources that allow them to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their members. In turn, we are focused on fostering relationships with our clients by offering outstanding-quality products and services.   We will strive to be the high-quality provider of integrated, comprehensive, and customized communications, fundraising, and administrative support services to volunteer member organizations; to cultivate a collaborative and supportive working environment for resourceful and committed employees; and to reach into other sectors, applying our expertise to a diversified client base.   Service: Putting our clients first.
Quality: Providing products and services we’re proud to call our own.
Expertise: Using what we know effectively.
Integrity: Doing the right thing in every situation.
Accountability: Knowing it’s up to me.
Initiative: Thinking ahead and taking action.